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Women's Bounce II - Shoes With Coil Springs Black/Black

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Product Description

Shoes with Springs

Finest Full Grain Leather | Slip Resistant Outsole | Elastic Laces | Plush Interior Lining | Removable, Extra Deep, Resilient Insoles.

The BEST spring technology in the industry - Period! You will instantly feel the difference. Patented coil springs located in both the heel and forefoot flex with your foot and feel better than any other shoes with springs. 

  • Finest Full Grain Leather - Soft, supple, light weight and breathable.
  • Slip Resistant Outsole - For activities that require superior traction, footing and grip.
  • Elastic Laces - Allow for easy slip on and off of your shoes (standard laces included).
  • Plush Interior Lining - With our elastic laces, it looks like a shoe and feels like a slipper!
  • Removable, Extra Deep, Resilient Insoles - Fits with your custom orthotics.

Warranty Information

Why buy SpringFlex®?


At SpringFlex® we make every effort to concentrate on comfort. Our SpringFlex® shoes with coil springs are engineered with researched technology that provides the most comfort to eliminate feet or back pain and the support you look for in activities requiring you to be on your feet frequently throughout the day. Try SpringFlex® for yourself, and you will wonder why you ever wore any other shoe.


Our shoes are built with premium leather and engineered with proven technology that provides a stable sole with supportive springs in the forefoot and heel. Our shoes with springs are light weight and stylish with the finest quality design, made just for you.


Many SpringFlex® customers have highly rated our Bounce II shoes for use industries or jobs that require frequent standing such as the nursing, retail, and food industries. Besides work duty, our shoes are also perfect for comfort and casual use.

Product Reviews

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  1. Best Shoes Ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Bought these to take on a trip to China. We walked miles a day and my feet and knees felt great every day!
    Best purchase I have ever made.

  2. Satisfied customer 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I have formerly worn Z-Coil shoes some time ago but these Spring Flex shoes are so much more comfortable and a big plus that the springs are enclosed and looks like regular walking shoes.. I ordered black for winter but I definitely plan to order white ones when winter is over.. Let me stress again how very comfortable these shoes are.

  3. 10000 steps a day or more and no aching feet 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    In my job I walk up to 17,000 steps a day. I am really tired but my feet to not ache or hurt from all the walking I do. I used to wear regular sneakers and my dogs were screaming after 2 hours.

  4. walking on air 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Today is the first day I wore them to work and I have to stand. Usually by the end of the day, I am limping out of the store. I wasn't today and I felt like I was on cloud nine. I had foot surgery years ago and need to wear shoes like these when I work. I am hoping to get another pair soon. I used to wear Spira shoes but now I can't get my size from them and after wearing your shoes, I don't care. Thank you for making a wonderful product

  5. Wonderful Shoes! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I have suffered from plantar fasciitis & heel spurs for several years as well as low back and hip pain. I have done physical therapy and worn orthotics and various (expensive) shoes. This is the first pair of shoes that actually feels good on my feet and allows me to walk any distance. My only negative comment is that they only come in one style - either black or white. My first pair is white and for variety I just purchased a black pair. They feel good but I wish there were other styles to choose from.

  6. Best feeling shoes ever! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I've had plantar fasciitis for several years, have worn orthotics, night splints, did physical therapy and spent a lot of money on shoes that didn't help. This is the first pair that actually helps my feet. I'm buying a black pair but I just wish they came in a different style as well to wear with dressier clothes. They are well made and the price is actually no more than what I've been spending on shoes.

  7. EXcellent buy - comfortable and sturdy 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    These shoes are very comfortable. The stitching seems to be very good and the fit is excellent. They feel sturdy and well-made, They are quite stable - not tippy like others from a different manufacturer I had before. But the Springflex still provide very good comfort when walking (with my plantar fasciitis, that's hard to achieve). The other Mfg's coil shoes had soles that are sort of tacked on and are continually falling off and tearing. They fit well, but what is a good fit without a well-made shoe? The SpringFlex are both - and more. And the others cost twice as much.

  8. Helpful Shoes 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    This is my second pair of Sprinflex shoes and I love them. I have both Scoliosis and Sciatica and wearing these shoes makes my getting around tolerable. The Customer Service of this Company scores a "10" with me.

  9. Great comfort! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Wow! These are fantastic!

  10. Relief with shoes 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I am so glad to have found these shoes. I had a pair of z-coil shoes that were extremely helpful for my plantar fasciitis, in fact helped heal it. However, the shoes put too much pressure on the balls of my feet.
    Since then, I have developed a knee problem. I looked into z-coils again since it has been a few years since I used them. Whew! They were so expensive!
    Then I saw these and decided to try them. Again, I am feeling relief, but there is not the pressure on the balls of my feet. Also, the coils are covered. This is important because I always did feel a little nervous about something getting caught in the z-coil heel and tripping me. Not something I want to have happen at my age.
    Also, they are sooo much cheaper. A good deal all around!

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