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 TrueBounce™ Spring Technology – Patented and Patents Pending

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Form and function equal superior engineering:

Our shoes combine two key factors that make them superior to others on the market: form and function. Not only do our shoes with springs look like regular shoes, the springs inside work unencumbered by the surrounding shoe material. SpringFlex shoes provde the best of both worlds - a good looking shoe and superior spring cushioing.


Full length cushioning:

Why would you want a shoe that only has spring cushioning in the heel when you can have it in both the heel and forefoot? SpringFlex® provides spring cushioned shoes with heel strike and energy return with each toe-off.  Our patented forefoot spring configuration allows for flexing of the forefoot while still providing superior cushioning and energy return.


Experience & Knowledge:

With over two decades of combined spring cushioned shoe experience, the inventors* of SpringFlex® shoes have over a dozen US and International patents and pending patents in the invention and innovation of spring cushioned footwear. You may be wearing a shoe covered by one of our patents right now. At SpringFlex®, we have advanced our technology to yet another level. We understand the physics and engineering of materials and springs, and how to apply that knowledge to our unique shoes in all phases of the design process. Don’t accept shoes from companies that simply put springs in a midsole or bolt springs to the bottom of a shoe. You deserve a shoe that is engineered to look good AND perform – a SpringFlex® shoe.


* David Krafsur, Aerospace Engineer & Two Time NCAA Division I All-American distance runner, understands firsthand the need for engineered footwear. Dr. Francis LeVert, PhD. in Nuclear Physics, is familiar with the unique challenges and solutions of designing spring cushioned shoes.