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Our Shoes With Springs are Functional as Well as Stylish

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There was a challenge to overcome when creating the TrueBounce shoe, the shoes with springs. The shoe must look like a normal shoe, not a mechanical device one might see in a science fiction movie. Then there is the function factor; the enclosed spring must function well within the surrounding shoe material. Now, when considering other spring shoes on the market, there are some that have adequate form and there are those that function well; but you will not find any other shoes on the market that offer both form and function all in the same shoe.

We could never understand why shoes only offer spring cushioning in the heel. Why settle for just heel cushioning when it certainly makes more sense to cushion both the heel and forefoot? Our patented forefoot spring configuration enables flexing of the forefoot and still provides superior cushioning. We have the best in the biz-coil spring technology. 

We have over two decades of spring cushion experience and over a dozen US and International patents. In fact, you just might be wearing shoes covered by one of our patents. Our advanced technology and clear understanding of physics and engineering is applied to all phases of our unique shoes. You deserve a shoe that not only has superior performance, but also looks incredible on your feet.