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Men's Bounce II - Dual Spring Shoe, Black/Black

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Product Description

Coil springs located in the heel and forefoot, for the best shoes with springs inside, available today.

Finest full grain leather; soft,supple, light weight and breathable.

Non marking, slip resistant outsole for work duty or any activity that requires superior traction, footing and grip.
Elastic lacing system allows for easy slip on and slip off of your shoes. Extra standard laces also included.
Plush, soft interior lining when combined with our elastic laces - looks like a shoe yet feels like a slipper.
Removable, extra deep, resilient insoles allow for the use of your custom orthotics.
Shoes with springs, nursing shoe, orthopedic shoes, mall walker shoes, relief from joint pain
Diabetic shoes, medical shoes, walk shoe, walking shoes

Warranty Information

Why buy SpringFlex®?


At SpringFlex® we make every effort to concentrate on comfort. Our SpringFlex® Shoes with coil springs are engineered with researched technology that provides the most comfort to eliminate feet or back pain and the support you look for in activities requiring you to be on your feet frequently throughout the day. SpringFlex® shoes cost a bit more for this reason, but know when purchasing these shoes you will be amazed at the difference in comfort.


Our SpringFlex® Shoes are built with premium leather and engineered with proven technology that provides a stable sole with supportive springs in the forefoot and heel. Our spring shoes are light weight and stylish with the finest quality design, made just for you.

Product Reviews

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  1. Bouncing Along 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Received white shoes (pleasant surprise) and wore them yesterday for a long walk. Quality of manufacture was excellent and though a bit heavier than my other shoes, more than made up for that by being so very comfortable. I slipped my inserts in and was off. The further I walked, the more I liked the feel of this shoe. Usual pain in right heel subsided after a half mile! Have been off of my walking regimen for a while due to health reasons, but now am excited to begin again! The extra pair of laces is a nice touch. Durability will be the next test.

  2. Truely Tested 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    I constantly work on my feet, usually in hotels. As such, I encounter a variety of floor types. Prior to me purchasing these shoes, by the end of the day/week, I would be miserable, and hardly able to walk. Let's say that the pain was on a level of 10. After purchasing and wearing these shoes, they did provide some comfort. I would say that the pain level is now a 7. Additionally, I did add some gel inserts into the shoes.

  3. ok shoe 3 Star Review

    Posted by

    Thought would be more support with 2 springs.

  4. Good Shoe 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Good, comfortable shoe. I need in 4E but not available. A little tight. I will have to try Spria next time.

  5. Rock me baby ! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Always skeptical when ordering on line, especially shoes. What size, what width, ect. The SpringFlex men's Bounce ll, fit the bill. Size right, width right, comfort right. Even got them in 3 days to boot,.. no pun here. At 66 years old, pain, in my knees, back, literally gone! Well defiantly order again.

  6. an innovative product and feet feel good! 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    A well thought out design from century-old, applying solid engineering principles,of balancing and distribution of weight while walking or standing lessening stress on the knees and pelvic area. This particular model of spring flex shoes, unlike the ones I have from another company, truly makes a difference in comfort walking or standing.
    A true American crafting.

  7. Hands-Down the Best Shoes for Nurses 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I am convinced that these are in the best shoes for nurses. Sometimes my shifts run over 12 hours, and I spend probably about 11.9 of those hours on my feet. The springs in these shoes do some wonders. The shoes are so nice that, when I'm on call, I'll usually wear them around. That makes it easier to just throw on my scrubs and run in to the hospital. But it goes to show how comfortable they are if I'll wear them outside of work!

  8. Comfortable Work Shoes Aren't Some Mythical Beast 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    For a long time, I thought "comfortable work shoes" was an oxymoron, a holy grail that no one would ever find. And then I tried the Bounce II. At first I was convinced they weren't actually non-slip, because they were so comfortable. It felt like cheating. I shouldn't feel this good in the middle of my shift at the mall. But the shoes really do make the difference. I can't imagine going back to a lesser brand.

  9. The Most Comfortable Shoes I've Worn 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I'm not exaggerating when I say these are the most comfortable shoes I've worn. I work in the kitchen of a restaurant, so I know what shoes my feet like and what they don't, since I'm on them all day. My feet usually feel awful by the time I get home, but in the Bounce they feel all right. Not fresh and ready for a 12 mile hike, but not blistered and aching either. These are a great pair of work shoes.