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Comparison II

Why SpringFlex shoes are better than Z-Coil®2 shoes:


 1. The spring design of the SpringFlex shoes allows for a "normal" looking shoe. Z-Coil shoes look similar to a medical or prosthetic device instead of a traditional shoe design.

2. Better price - SpringFlex is less expensive than Z-Coil shoes. Many ZCoil shoes cost more than two times as much as SpringFlex shoes.

3. SpringFlex shoes have springs in both the heel and forefoot areas of the shoe sole. Z Coil does not have any springs in the forefoot of the shoe. Because of this, SpringFlex shoes support the entire body weight on springs whereas Z-Coil shoes do not.

4. The heel of Z-Coil shoes can catch on hoses, tubes and other ground materials due to it's irregular design. The outsole of the SpringFlex shoe cannot because of it's traditional shoe design.

5. Dirt and mud can penetrate and coat the spring area of the z-coil shoes. This cannot happen in a SpingFlex shoe.

6. The patented spring configuration in the SpringFlex shoes allow the foot to roll across the springs naturally and flex with the natural motion of the foot. This does not happen in Z Coil shoes.

7. SpringFlex shoes are much lighter than Z-Coil shoes.


2  Z-Coil® is a registered trademark of Z-Coil® Footwear

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SpringFlex Shoes

Don't settle for any spring cushioned shoe until you have tried SpringFlex™. Our patented spring system functions better than any other shoes with springs. If you need a pair of comfortable shoes for standing or walking for long periods of time, without experiencing discomfort, then our shoes are perfect for you! SpringFlex™ has designed coil spring shoes with an industry leading technology that combines the comfort of a coil spring shoe with the look of a fashionable walking shoe. Say goodbye to pain and hello to comfort. Shop now for your SpringFlex™ shoes!