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Minimize Pain by Looking for These Things in Your Athletic Shoes

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Shoes that fit properly and have the proper support built in will feel best, even after a full day on your feet or an intense workout. When you look for athletic shoes, keep these things in mind:


Your big toe isn’t always your big toe, so make sure when you’re checking the length of your shoe, you’re giving yourself about half an inch of space (or your thumb’s width) from the tip of your longest toe, whichever it is and the end of the shoe. You should also have some space to move your toes vertically in the front of your shoe as well.


You can know your shoe is too narrow if you can feel that your little toe is sitting on the edge of the insole at the front of the shoe. At its widest point, your shoe should have about a quarter inch of space between your foot and the shoe’s side.

Note: Your foot swells and changes size slightly throughout the day. Try on your shoes in the late afternoon or early evening, when feet are generally at their largest to ensure adequate length and width.


You want the shoe to feel secure on your foot, but not tight. A shoe that is too loose or too tight in this area will cause blisters.


Don’t assume that the shoe is the wrong size right away if the upper seems to pinch or put pressure on your foot when you try it on. If the rest of the shoe feels great, try a few different lacing techniques designed for different foot shapes, before assuming that you need to find a different shoe altogether.


A shoe with an insole that matches your foot’s contours and provides adequate support is the most important thing when it comes to shoe comfort. You want a natural-feeling support under the arch and good padding. Having the right insole will not only prevent pain in the foot, but in the legs, pelvis, and back by reducing stress on your joints.

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