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Exercise Better with Proper Running Form

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Proper form when running is important to reduce the chance of accidental injury and maximize the payoff of your exercise. There are a lot of different schools of thought when it comes to running, but despite their differences, there are some basic principles that any beginning runner should incorporate into their runs.

  • Keep your foot under your knee when it lands—not in front of your it.
  • Avoid heel striking. You should land on the ball of your foot.
  • Keep your upper body relaxed. Pay special attention to your hands, which shouldn’t be clenched, and your elbows, which should stay at about a 90° angle.
  • When training, focus on increasing the number of steps you take, rather than the length of your stride.
  • Introduce changes to your workout (distance, time, frequency, intensity, etc.) gradually.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that support your feet. SpringFlex shoes are a good choice because the springs act as shock absorbers for added protection for your joints.
  • Take time to let your body recover between runs.